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About KADZ Travel

Kathy and Dzeni Hadzibajric are the owners of KADZ Travel.   They have been traveling for years, and it’s the desire to share their love of travel that has been a motivation to join the travel industry.   Because they live in Tampa, FL, Florida has become one of their favorite fields of exploration.  But the Caribbean is so close, as is Mexico, that those are also becoming favorite destinations. 

Dzeni will tell you about the underwater worlds as well.   He is the diver and would be in the water all day, if that were possible.  He’s had the opportunity to explore the depths in various countries, and is also a volunteer crew member at Narcosis Scuba in Tarpon Springs, FL, through which he’s had many an adventure in the Gulf waters.

Kathy’s love of languages and cultures developed with childhood travels through Europe, the United States, and Canada.  Living and travelling around the Philippines and Italy helped that passion along, as did working with refugees and immigrants from all over the world.

CST# 1018299-10
FST# TI48867

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